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Endless Possibilities With
JF Portal

Stop wasting time updating credit cards and managing your members subscriptions.

Powerful API

Efficient Workflow

Customer Experience



Member Account Portal

You get all the benefits and functionality of JoomFuse
PLUS JF Portal, a flexible, fully customizable member account management portal.


JF Portal gives you complete control over what your members can view and,more importantly, what they can do with their subscriptions, invoices, and credit card information


JoomFuse with JF Portal is highly customizable

Features & Pricing

See all the features and get started now with JoomFuse with JF Portal to integrate Keap and Joomla

Scenario 1: View Only

Allow your members to only view their subscriptions and/or invoices and/or credit cards

Scenario 2: Update Existing

Allow your members to update their subscriptions and/or credit cards and/or pay invoices

Scenario 3: Full Access

Allow your members full access to view, update, revise, cancel, pay - invoices, credit cards, subscriptions