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  • JoomFuse


    A fast and slick membership integration between Joomla and Keap (Infusionsoft)


  • JF Portal
    JF Portal


    Empower your members. Save time. Get JoomFuse with JF Portal.


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    Infusionsoft integration


    The leading sales and marketing software for small businesses


Build your membership site with our power trio!

JoomFuse is seamless Joomla and Infusionsoft membership integration


JoomFuse integrates your Joomla membership site with Infusionsoft (Keap), creating a seamless, flexible platform for your members, customers, and/or employees to access content as you wish. Login to download the newest version.

JoomFuse with JF PortalJF Portal

JF Portal builds on JoomFuse to save time and give you control over what your members can see, cancel, or update on their account. Decreases support calls and tickets!

InfusionsoftKeap (Infusionsoft)

We are proud to be a Partner with the leading sales and marketing software for small businesses that helps them get organized, grow sales & save time.


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JoomFuse Portal

A solid membership integration solution for Joomla website owners with Keap (Infusionsoft)!

JF Portal combines with JoomFuse to give you a hands-off way to seamlessly manage your members between your Joomla website and your Keap (Infusionsoft) application.

  • JoomFuse manages access to the protected member content on your website through direct integration between Joomla and Keap (Infusionsoft).
  • Add on JF Portal and you can give your members access to control their account. With configuration options that you control, members can update or change credit cards and update their billing information.

You get paid when you expect to and your members get access only when they should. Hands-free for you! Giving your members control decreases your support calls - that's like getting a raise in pay. Learn more...

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