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Seamless integration between Joomla and Keap

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JoomFuse provides smart integration between Keap and Joomla to enable Keap to control users, levels,
and access to content on your Joomla website.

Supporting multiple membership groups and sub-groups, JoomFuse can be used for both paid and free subscription Joomla websites.

Build and manage a Joomla member community (free or paid)
to promote loyalty and retention!

  • You control it
    • who has access
    • when they have access
    • what content each member group or sub-group can access
    • how users are added
    • how usernames and passwords are created
    • actions on login and logout
    • actions for payment successes and failures, both in Keap and in your Joomla site
  • For the techies
    • totally Keap tag driven
    • uses the robust Keap API with a minimum of calls for faster response time
    • triggered by a single HTTP Post
    • fully utilizes Joomla’s flexible built-in User Group and ACL (Access Control List) capabilities
    • you get permissions control down to the minutiae!

Bonus! JoomFuse interfaces with native Joomla and with Community Builder and JomSocial

Easy to set up, flexible to use

JoomFuse basic setup is easy - you can be up and running in as little as 15 minutes.
If you have a more complex membership program or you prefer help with set up, check out our Jumpstart plans.

Features & Pricing

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Endless Possibilities With
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Use JoomFuse to integrate your Joomla! website and your Keap application