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The JoomFuse Story

Frankly we got sick and tired that Keap users who also used Joomla! were being treated like 2nd class citizens.

A little history first... Several years ago, we did an internal study at Zacaw (creator of JoomFuse) to standardize on a new web development platform….without going into the pros and cons of the available CMSs out there, our comparison chart made it clear the Joomla! was the right choice for us and our clients.

Our clients were excited with our new Joomla! platform and so were we. As Joomla! matured, we designed some awesome marketing and business building websites (if we do say so ourselves). We of course integrated in Keap web forms, order forms, and landing pages wherever it made sense. Then the bad news... we realized that we could not use Keap to control access to content on the website. This REALLY frustrated us.

On the other hand, WordPress site owners who also used Keap have had membership integration options for years. But if you used Joomla!, you were out of luck and felt like a 2nd class citizen.

Fast forward...

One day I was out walking and I saw an eagle in a tree and that made me think of grandeur which made me think of excellence. I pondered excellence as I sauntered and my mind drifted back to business and that made me think about excellent user experience which made me think (again) about Joomla! and Keap.

As I continued walking and watching that eagle, I had an epiphany for a way to create excellence for users of both Joomla! and Keap. 

That's how JoomFuse was born. To create that excellence by integrating two powerful, complementary platforms.

Talk about stream of consciousness leading to a moment of brilliance.

Glad I took that walk, that day.

So I sat down and sketched out the rough design, and then we worked on refining it….and along with one of our expert Joomla! internal developers, we brought JoomFuse to life for just a couple of businesses to start….then to more... and more.

Several months after JoomFuse was released, we were honored to meet Sarah Watz, then President of Open Source Matters (OSM ), at a Keap conference. She was bright, gracious, and generous with her time. We share a common goal to raise awareness about Joomla! so our conversations over lunch and later were productive for both of us. She was excited to hear about JoomFuse as she's an avid Keap user, and now uses JoomFuse as well.

Since then, we've rapidly grown JoomFuse in visibility and capability for the wider global community, with ideas and inspiration from our team's fertile minds and our enthusiastic JoomFuse clients' wishlists. Now we've added JoomFuse Portal to help you save time and let your members manage their accounts for a better user experience.

JoomFuse and JF Portal are here to stay - to make your life easier and to make your members' experience more consistent and robust. Bring it on!