Joomfuse is the integration of Infusionsoft and Joomla

JoomFuse JoomFuse

  • Integrate Joomla with Infusionsoft
  • Create unlimited membership levels
  • Offer gradual content release
  • Triggers manage payment fail/success
  • Create users with bi-directional action

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JF 2.0.78

Announcing JoomFuse Portal!!

Combine it with JoomFuse to give your members moderated control of their accounts...
and save you TIME!

JoomFuse Portal

Start your Joomla and Infusionsoft integration with our JoomFuse!

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Finally... a solid membership integration solution for Joomla website owners with Infusionsoft!!

Finally, a hands-off way for you to manage your members between your Joomla website and your Infusionsoft application. JoomFuse manages access to the protected member content on your website, through direct integration between Joomla and Infusionsoft.

Now when a member cancels or their credit card fails, JoomFuse manages their membership access in exactly the way you tell it to. Set it and forget it!

You get paid when you expect to, and your members get access only when they should. Hands-free for you!


On membership sites, Joomla, & JoomFuse

Infusionsoft Mastermind with Dom Cassone

On using Joomla (with Sarah Watz)

Dom Cassone and Sarah Watz talk about Joomla


New features!

  • Supports Joomla! 3.4
  • Supports JomSocial
  • Supports Community Builder 2.x
  • More intuitive JoomFuse user interface
  • Completely new mapping ability
  • Faster &  efficient with fewer API calls
  • Special module sets tags following user site activity
  • Keep Usernames & Passwords in sync with Infusionsoft fields
  • Map the User Profile plugin fields
  • One step install
  • Bugs zapped!

Pick a JumpStart...

OPTION 1.  You do all the setup.
Cost:  No extra charge. Value:  Cheapest.

OPTION 2. Premium JumpStart.
We do everything for you. We set up JoomFuse in your Joomla! and your Infusionsoft. You are hands-free.
Cost:  $1800 USD ($1500 with JoomFuse purchase).
Value:  Fastest.

OPTION 3. Mini-JumpStart.
We download 3 done-for-you campaigns into your Infusionsoft app. You set up JoomFuse in your Joomla! website and customize the campaigns.
Cost:  $500 USD. Value:  Best.

"Simply put, JoomFuse has been a lifesaver for my company. As a new internet entrepreneur with a membership-based platform, I purchased Infusionsoft before developing my Joomla website. At the time, I had no idea the two systems could not communicate with each other to enable my members to manage their accounts. JoomFuse has saved a significant amount of staff time and labor, as we no longer have to manually update information in 2 systems. I’ve been extremely pleased with the the JoomFuse customer support and highly recommend this app. "
~~ Jon Drenckhahn, New Canaan, CT, USA