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joomfuse demoUse JoomFuse to integrate your Joomla! website and your Keap application, and you can finally have the membership site you've been dreaming of. You get all the benefits of combining the control and flexibility of Joomla! and the power of Keap automation!!  

With JoomFuse, there is no need for a third party membership platform that is hosted on servers you don't control or have access too. When you develop your membership site in Joomla! you have complete control and access by keeping your full website on the same server. JoomFuse integrates your Joomla! membership site with the power of Keap's automation, sales, marketing and ecommerce.

No system chaos.

No data skew.

It's built-in peace of mind. 

joomfuse demoUse JoomFuse with JF Portal and your members can access and manage as much of their accounts and credit cards as you allow them. JF Portal is completely configurable, giving you control over what your members can, and cannot, do with their subscription accounts, invoices, and credit cards. JF Portal gives a better customer experience, and saves you and your members valuable time.


We created a sample four-level hierarchical Joomla membership model for you to demo JoomFuse, using the Keap Campaign Builder. You'll see we used Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Free as the levels, with Gold receiving the most extensive access.

This JoomFuse Demo represents three paid levels plus one free level. JoomFuse is so flexible that you can set up your Joomla! site with memberships as simple or as complex as you wish, managing each member, their content, marketing, and payments automatically through Keap.


We created one user for each of the sample hierarchical membership levels so you can see for yourself exactly how JoomFuse works, using Joomla's native ACL.

Demo JoomFuse using the login in the right column. joomfuse demo

To test each member type and their access level, login separately for each user.

For example, when you log in as "Freddie Freeloader" using the credentials on the right, you'll see what content is available to a user in the sample free level. Likewise for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze user.


Use JoomFuse in conjunction with Keap campaigns to release content in a controlled, date-driven or interval-driven manner, giving you complete control and excellent flexibility.




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