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Between Joomla, JoomFuse, and Infusionsoft, there are many ways that new Joomla users can be informed that they now have a login to your site. Let's tackle them one product at a time.

A common method of informing users that their account has been created is to have the Campaign Builder send an email after a successful HTTP Post to JoomFuse. This requires that you have selected "Store changed login credentials in IFS?" in the HTTP POSTS tab of the JoomFuse options. If you want to keep the username and password up to date, you must map the username and password fields in Joomla to username and password fields in Infusionsoft as well.

If you want JoomFuse to send an email from the Joomla website when a new user is created via an HTTP Post from Infusionsoft, rather than Infusionsoft, simply set the "Send new user emails?" switch to Yes in the same HTTP POSTS tab. The related "Send HTTP POST parameter override emails?" is used when JoomFuse must modify the requested user credentials to fit the Joomla criteria for username and password.

If the administrator creates a user in Joomla you can determine whether Joomla will send a new user email or not. This is controlled in the User-Joomla! plugin by the "Notification Mail to User" switch.

As you can see, there is a lot of flexibility there. But you have to be careful on your configuration or new users can get more than one welcome email or none depending on the settings of the above and that does not take into account any other components that might want to send new user emails.

Here is the way that I typically do...I let Infusionsoft handle it in all cases. I turn off the JoomFuse email switches and turn off the Joomla notification switch. That means that notification of the creation of Users via the Campaign Builder is handled by Infusionsoft if I get a success back from JoomFuse. This gives me the ability to format and word the initial welcome email anyway I want. My typical method also assumes that I will put any users that I create in the back end into the proper user groups so that it triggers the campaign to send the email from Infusionsoft.

Some would say that getting two emails is better than none, and there is some truth to that. On the other hand, does it look like you are a professional and know what you are doing if your new member gets two different welcome emails?

Feel free to comment on this post with your experiences, questions or comments.

To your success,
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