Joomla Custom Fields - A Case Study

11 months 1 week ago #195 by Dom Cassone (dcassone)
Joomla introduced User Custom Fields with the release of Joomla 3.7 (the current version is 3.8.8, you've updated right?). While there are other types of custom fields introduced, we'll concentrate on the user fields in this case study.

We recently took on a new JoomFuse client, who was moving away from a homegrown FileMaker database as their CRM, RS Forms for their forms and a lot of manual labor. They wanted to move to a more automated system with Infusionsoft, Parsey, and JoomFuse.

Their membership is sold and the fees collected by a 3rd party who sends them an email with the new member-prospect's information. Parsey decodes the email and creates the new Infusionsoft contact. Parsey also sets a tag to indicate that the member-prospect came in, that triggers a campaign that will now manage their intriguing membership sign-up and approval model. Part of the sign-up process is to fill out a rather extensive form (that we moved to Infusionsoft). Once that form is completed and submitted, the new potential member is either accepted or rejected.

Accepted members are able to see some of the fields that they entered in the information form and are able to update those fields. Since all this data is stored in the Infusionsoft contact record, when a user makes a change, it must be passed over to Infusionsoft. Additionally, there are read-only fields for their reference. We ended up mapping 18 of those fields in their Joomla user profile to Infusionsoft custom contact fields. When the user/member updates their Joomla profile, those fields are updated in the Infusionsoft custom fields of their contact record. We grouped the fields together, made some read-only and others mandatory.

There is still a lot of work to do, to transition everything to Infusionsoft, both in Joomla and in Infusionsoft. Having the new member sign-up process done is a HUGE first step.

With JoomFuse's support for mapping the User Custom Fields in Joomla to Infusionsoft fields, we have helped streamline their whole process.

Think about it! How could you use Joomla Custom User Fields on your site?
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11 months 2 days ago #198 by Jaroslaw Bucholc (canadareic)
If I could map
Infusionsoft txt field with joomla article content
Infusionsoft txt with Joomla article title
plus some other fields
about author

Would be amazing to create infusionsoft campaign with automatic blog entries

feedbold replacement

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11 months 1 day ago #200 by Dom Cassone (dcassone)
Currently, we only support User Custom Fields as JoomFuse is user centric.

Joomla does have Contant Custom Fields., but they are mapped to articles, not to users. For example, you could create a Contact Custom Field called email. Then create an article for each of the 5 members of your team. In the article about John, you would put John’s email into the value of that field, for Jane’s article, you would put in Jane’s email as the value of the field, etc. for all 5 articles.

Then when the article are rendered, they would have the correct email in the article for the person the article is about.

What may work for you is our Short Code editor button. It allows you to put any of the User Profile fields into your articles. Of course, the article has to be one that is only available after login, or JoomFuse will now know what value to use.

I have not tested using the SHort Codes in an article title, but they will work in the article content. That could do what you want.

To your success,
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11 months 17 hours ago #201 by Jaroslaw Bucholc (canadareic)
Thank you
I'm Implementing shortcodes here and there as we progress.

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