Adding a manual cancel option to your JF Portal cancel campaign

1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #188 by Dom Cassone (dcassone)
Those of you that use JoomFuse with JF Portal know the great benefits of giving your members the ability to manage their own subscriptions, credit cards, and paying outstanding invoices. Ajarae Colman, the Acting Resource Guru was the very first JoomFuse user to install JF Portal when it was still in beta. She told me that once we got the kinks smoothed out, and informed her members that they could do it themselves her support calls and emails were reduced by 80% WOW, just WOW!

But what about the other 20%? Some of them will be calling to cancel. There are really two (well maybe 2.5) obvious ways to handle that.
Here they are:
  1. Log in as the user and use JF Portal to cancel their subscription
  2. Go into their subscription, make it Inactive, then put them in the cancel campaign
  3. Make a manual cancel entry point to the cancel campaign, and add canceling the subscription to the campaign
I like #3 the best. Why? Because once done, it has the least amount of steps each time a manual cancel needs doing. That saves time and reduces errors.

Here is what you need to do:
  • Create a new goal entry point to the cancel complete campaign. It can be a Tag Applied goal, Note Applied goal, Internal Form completed goal or any other goal you want to use to trigger this entry point.
  • Go to Marketing -> Settings -> Action Sets and create an action set* that cancels the subscription
  • Add a sequence from that goal that contains a Legacy Action Set process that calls the action set you just created
  • Connect that sequence to the sequence that follows the normal entry point to this campaign (usually an API goal)
  • Republish the campaign

One caveat, an Action Set subscription cancel will cancel ALL of those subscriptions for that contact. So, if it is possible for a contact to have more than one of the same subscription, this method might not work for you. But I think this is a rare case.

* Action Sets are things that used to be used to get a lot of things done in Infusionsoft before the Campaign Builder debuted over 4 years ago. While Action Sets are much less necessary, there are still a few things that you cannot do natively in the Campaign Builder and canceling a subscription is one of them.
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