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No Longer creating users on website

7 months 3 weeks ago #238 by Maiysha Clairborne (Stressfreemommd)
when a client signs up to infusonsoft an account is no longer setup in either of our websites

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7 months 3 weeks ago #239 by Dom Cassone (dcassone)
Sorry to hear about your problems...I have moved this support request to our support ticketing system and will answer there.

But the first things to check are what changes have been made recently? Edited the campaign in Infusionsoft, updated JoommFuse or anything else on the site?

What version of JoomFuse are you running? Are the JoomFuse calls setting the success tag or triggering the success API Goal? Are you sure that the JoomFuse HTTP post is being called in the Infusionsoft campaign?

Once all those are checked we can look into other things.


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7 months 2 weeks ago #240 by Dom Cassone (dcassone)
We haven't heard back from you. Is everything working properly?

If things are still not working, perhaps there is an explanation, like duplicate email addresses. Joomla requires unique email addresses and a JoomFuse call to create an account with the email address of an existing user will fail.

Please let us know if there are still issues.

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