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Joomfuse Integration with Virtuemart

1 year 1 week ago #227 by Mark Roseman (markeroseman@gmail.com)
We were wondering how to integrate Joomfuse with Virtuemart to:
  • Apply an order tag in infusion soft in order to achieve a purchase goal (ie, track sales)
  • Is it possible to tag Order information. This is not priority, but it would be great.
Please let us know your thoughts,

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1 year 1 week ago #228 by Dom Cassone (dcassone)
Hi Mark,

Thanks for reaching out!

We currently do not have an integration with VirtueMart.

Our eCommerce companion product to JoomFuse is JF Portal. JF Portal currently only integrates with the eCommerce module within Infusionsoft. It allows the user to manage their invoices, credit cards, and subscriptions. Infusionsoft handles the actual eCommerce. When you filled out the order form to purchase JoomFuse, that was an Infusionsoft order form and filling it out triggered a goal in a campaign that made everything else happen.

That being said, there are potential options.
  • If Virtuemart can put users in different user groups, then if they were put into a specific user group after an order was successfully placed, then JoomFuse will set the tag for that user group mapping and that can trigger a campaign to do whatever.
    - You could also make a separate user group for each product, and map those user groups to Infusionsoft tags. The setting of the tags could trigger separate campaigns for each product. This could get unwieldy if there are many products but might work for product groups.
  • We (or you) could write a JoomFuse/Virtuemart plugin that performs the actions that you want. Sort of like the JomSocial and Community Builder plugins that we already have.
  • We (or you) could write a full integration between Virtuemart and Infusionsoft. Similar to our JF Portal product.

We have been looking into supporting a Joomla shopping cart in a future version of JF Portal. but that will not come until after the next major release of JoomFuse and JF Portal, which is in development.

I'l like to comment on some of the other things in your post if I may. It may have been word choices, but there is no way to trigger a Purchase Goal from outside Infusionsoft. Purchase goals are only triggered when a product is purchased within Infusionsoft's eCommerce module.

I am not sure what you mean by "tag Order informaiton" If you mean transfer information about the order information from Virtuemart to Infusionsoft, that could be possible if a full integration between Virturemart and Infusionsoft was written like I mentioned above. If you meant something else, please let me know.

To your success,

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1 year 1 week ago #229 by Mark Roseman (markeroseman@gmail.com)
Thank you for your reply :-)

After further discussion - all we really need is a contact to be created and the possibility to apply a tag based on a purchase.  Is it possible to do this? How much would it cost add this?

Lastly, do you have an API resource document or quick start guide if we do want to do the development in-house.

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1 year 1 week ago #230 by Dom Cassone (dcassone)
Hi Mark,

Let me try to answer your questions.

A Virtuemart sale should create a Joomla user, correct? If a user is created, then JoomFuse will create an Infusionsoft contact, so that is taken care of.

As far as the tagging goes, are you thinking about one tag based on any purchase or different tags for different purchases? Understanding the details of what you are trying to do will help us better advise you on how to proceed. And once we better understand what custom code would be needed and to estimate the cost.

There is no API for JoomFuse, it is an open source Joomla extension that follows all the Joomla protocols. The key is knowing how to create Joomla plugins in the Joomla environment. Feel free to look at the source code to see how you might write the plugin if required.


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1 year 1 week ago #231 by Mark Roseman (markeroseman@gmail.com)
Thank you for your response and information :-)

Concerning your question:
We're looking for a a specific tag for each purchase.

I hope this clarifies things,

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1 year 6 days ago #232 by Dom Cassone (dcassone)
Thanks, Mark, it does!

I think I understand what you are looking for.


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