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Several issues with Joomla creation

6 years 3 months ago #81 by Don McKevitt
I have set up a campaign.

A person fills out the form (works)
then a tag is applied to user (works)
then an http post is made (error 301 at Infusionsoft)
then pass to thankyou page, and email (works)

When I put in the url that your system gives me, into a browser url to see what happens it comes back saying FAIL: No Id specified. Not sure if this is what happens when the url is called normally, but the 301 is not what should happen.

When looking at In the picture the tag that is created on form submission is the 'Joomla User' tag, so it is present before the http post. It should then create the user, but it doesn't. My test user is a Bronze member and that is set in the configuration of your component.

There is something not right with your code with all these errors.

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6 years 3 months ago #82 by Dom Cassone

The HTTP Post that you use in an Infusionsoft campaign, must have the default field ContactID field that is there when you create the HTTP Post step in the sequence.

JoomFuse MUST have an Infusionsoft ContactID to work on, that is why JoomFuse is giving you the error message when you put the URL directly into a browser. If you want to test it from a browser, which is a good test, then you must add to the end of the ?Id=12345 where 12345 is the ContactID of the user you want JoomFuse to work on. Note that Id is upper case I and lower case d.

If JoomFuse works from your browser and not through a campaign, then it is likely that your hosting provider is blocking the HTTP Post from Infusionsoft. Who is your hosting provider?

You have a misunderstanding of the use of the tag Joomla User. In the first image that you sent, you have the "Create Joomla users?" set to yes. In that case, JoomFuse will ignore the Joomla User tag. That part of the configuration is used when you only want users created IF they have a certain tag. In order to use that limitation, you must set the "Create Joomla users?" to No...with that setting, JoomFuse will only create a user in Joomla when that tag is set.

While there is always a chance that there is a bug, JoomFuse is being widely used everyday without a problem on many sites.

Hope this helps,

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6 years 3 months ago #83 by Don McKevitt
So then this: Tag for new Joomla users(created from HTTP POSTs):
should be none?

This: Create new users?

and this: Create users on tag

We have our own VPS box. There is nothing that I know of that is stopping the request.

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6 years 3 months ago #84 by Dom Cassone
What you set the tags to be or even if you use them for new user creation is up to you.
There they are there if you want to know whether a new user was created in Joomla for in Infusionsoft contact, and you can differentiate between users created via an HTTP Post in Infusionsoft to JoomFuse, or created directly in Joomla either via an admin, or via a Joomla registration page.

As far as a blocked request goes, the first thing to do is to see if a JoomFuse call works from the browser. Did you try it again using the ?Id=12345 format I mentioned in the last post. Did you get a Success message back?

If that works, then to problem is between Infusionsoft and your server. Blocking Infusionsoft HTTP Post is the most likely candidate. But there could be other reasons. Even though you are your own VPS server, there has to be a physical server from which the VPS is carved out of. And that server has to be hosted somewhere, and typically is with a hosting provider. Some servers will not accept Infusionsoft's SSL so the HTTP Post cannot be processed because it is rejected. I've seen incompatible versions of TLS versions between Infusionsoft and the server, as well as others.

I created a forum post about a month and a half ago on Troubleshooting Tips in the Hints & Tips category. You might want to check that out also.

Let me know how it goes,

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6 years 3 months ago #85 by Don McKevitt
So I took the url in Joomla. I put found the Id for my test contact. I put ?Id=the number. behind the url and hit return. This should have added the person to Joomla right? But it didn't. I got back a big white page. I didn't get the words Success on the browser page. Just nothing.

So I went back to Joomla to create a person there. My whole site went to an internal error. Then I reloaded my admin area and tried to use JoomFuse, but it went to a internal error. So I took out JoomFuse and reinstalled it. All I did was add in the key and our url number. I left that other stuff alone and just added the tag for the member and linked it to my Joomla group. I could get back to JoomFuse, and my created person was there. I deleted that person and on Infusionsoft that person was deleted too. A little unexpected, but at least it talked to Infusionsoft.

I went through my form again to see if it would post the form and add the person and it didn't. It just went to a 301 again.

So I don't think that it is my server. It briefly worked and now doesn't . It is either Infustionsoft not working or your code.

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6 years 3 months ago #86 by Don McKevitt
I just tried to add a person in Joomla again and it did it. It also showed up in Infusionsoft. I also tried that link again with Id and it didn't work so it seems the issue is incoming from both bits.

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