Custom User Field types that JoomFuse supports

11 months 4 days ago - 11 months 4 days ago #196 by Dom Cassone (dcassone)
There are many Custom User Field types that Joomla has made available to us. Some work great with Infusionsoft, others do not or have not been thoroughly tested.

- Here is a list of those that will work.
Joomla field type -> Infusionsoft field type - comments:
  • Text -> Text - Works as expected
  • Text Area -> Text area - Works as expected
  • Radio -> Radio - Works as expected, remember to make the values of the choices the same on both systems
  • Radio -> Text - This will put the value of the radio button into the text field
  • Integer -> Whole Number - Works as expected.
  • Text -> Whole Number - The data type will be translated IF only numbers and commas are used
  • Text -> Currency - The data type will be translated IF only numbers, decimal points and commas are used
  • URL -> Website - Works as expected, but Joomla requires an HTTP:// or an HTTPS://
  • URL -> Text works as expected
  • Calendar -> Date - Works as expected. JoomFuse does the date format translation
  • List -> Dropdown - Works as expected. It is important to make sure the values are the same on both systems or you will get Invalid data.

- Here is a list of field types that won't work or have not been tested.

Checkboxes - Checking more than one will return an array and Infusionsoft does not handle arrays well. It does work if you only check one, but then you should use a radio button
Editor - Provides a drop-down list of the available WYSIWYG editors. I suppose you could map it to a text custom field in Infusionsoft, but why?
Color - Provides a color picker when clicking the input box. Again you could probably map this to a text field.
User Group - Field to load a drop-down list of available user groups. You could probably map this to a text or drop-down field, but for what purpose?
Media - Provides modal access to the media manager for insertion of images with upload for users with appropriate permissions. One more time, not sure how you would use this, but if you want them to pick an image, you could get the location of the image on the site into a text field.
SQL - Provides a drop-down list of entries obtained by running a query on the Joomlaǃ Database. The first results column returned by the query provides the values for the drop-down box.
User - Provides a field to select a user from a modal list. This field displays the User Name and stores the User ID.

Feel free to add your own experiences as replies to this post.
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