JoomFuse V2.3.256 and JF Portal V1.2.256 released

6 months 12 hours ago - 6 months 12 hours ago #213 by Dom Cassone (dcassone)
Announcing New Fields to Map

We have added the Joomla fields "Last Visit Date" and "Registration Date" as new special fields to map to Infusionsoft fields.

"Last Visit Date" is the date of the last time the user logged in and "Registration Date" is the date they initially became a user on the Joomla site. These both need to be mapped to date/time fields in Infusionsoft.

What is special about them is that we have limited them to one-way syncing from Joomla to Infusionsoft but NOT from Infusionsoft to Joomla. That means that you can change the values in Infusionsoft, but they will NOT be propagated to Joomla.

This can be very useful in a number of ways. For example, you could build a campaign that reminds the user to log in if new material has been added to the membership site and the user has not logged in to look at it.

NOTE: The date/time will be stored as the UTC time of the event, not in your local time zone.

BTW - this was a user suggestion so if you have any ideas to improve JoomFuse, please let us know!

There were a couple of other small clean-up changes made to JoomFuse, so while this update is optional, it is highly recommended that you update your site.

JF Portal Credit Card processing change

Until this release, JF Portal would not allow a user to deactivate a credit card if there was any subscription (active or inactive) associated with that card. That was to make it easier for the administrator to collect any unpaid invoices on that subscription.

However, it was confusing to the end user...."I cancelled my subscription, why can't I deactivate my credit card?" Now they can. We now only disallow credit card deactivation if the user has an active subscription associated with that card.

BTW - If you need to collect past due payments, you can manually reactivate the credit card, make the charges, and deactivate it again all from the Infusionsoft Orders page for that contact.

This is the only change to JF Portal, so upgrading is optional but recommended.

To your success,
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6 months 8 hours ago #214 by Jaroslaw Bucholc (canadareic)

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5 months 3 weeks ago #215 by Jaroslaw Bucholc (canadareic)
So I have mapped bot fields
"Last Visit Date" and "Registration Date"
and mapped to date/time fields in Infusionsoft.

My question is?
how can I synchronize already existing database?

I made a search query in infusionsoft after ( I believe cron being executed)
and no records were showing

searched for "is filled"

thank you

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5 months 3 weeks ago #216 by Dom Cassone (dcassone)
The “Last Visit Date” and the “Registration Date” behave like all other fields mapped in JoomFuse. They only are changed in Infusionsoft only when they are changed in Joomla.

If you login (and logout) then look at that Infusionsoft custom field you will see that it was populated.

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